What games will be available upon opening at NWPC? Where are these games coming from?

Many of the same collectors that loan games to NWPAS (Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show) will be loaning games to the Collective, as well as becoming NWPC members. Other local pinball operators and collectors are joining up, too!

Current list of games at The Sanctuary…

Why share your games with the Collective?

  • One of the founding principles of NWPC is wanting to share the pinball hobby with others.
    • Home collectors have amazing lineups that they wish to share with the wider community.
    • The Sanctuary is the perfect place to do that!
  • Some collectors have a surplus of games. Sharing a game at The Sanctuary is much easier (and free) compared to off-site storage, and less heart-breaking than selling your game!
  • We are looking ahead to an equitable game donor incentive program at some point in the future, but currently we are a small non-profit startup and must conserve resources.
  • Game donors will be recognized on our website and on placards attached to their loaned games. 

How do I get my pinball machine showcased at The Sanctuary?

  • Contact us with the games you’re interested in loaning to the Collective
    • You do not need to be a member but strong preference is given to member-owned games!
  • Generally, you must be willing to commit to a 3-month loan to the Collective
  • Machines will be picked by the board in relation to the entire lineup at NWPC and how your machines might fit into the collection
  • If needed, we can pick-up and drop-off your machines (one of our board members is a professional pinball dealer and installer)
  • Our space is fully insured and all machines in the space will be fully covered in the event of accidents, theft, and other catastrophic incidents
  • Barring exceptional circumstances, our goal is to return all machines loaned to us in equal or better condition than when we received them!
    • NWPC will cover all routine maintenance and upkeep (parts included)
    • If there are any major or expensive issues with the machine (not caused by NWPC or it’s members) we will discuss with the donor for a fair resolution 
  • Agreements on specific loan terms will be arranged with each donor
    • Who will perform maintenance on the machine (donor only, NWPC techs or both)
    • When game will be picked up and returned 
    • Other donor-specific terms as needed
  • See our game donor agreement here

Thank you to Waterland Arcade for sharing their pinball machines with the Northwest Pinball Collective!

Waterland is open Monday-Saturday 12PM-11PM and hosts weekly pinball tournaments on Saturday nights. Check them out if you want a great pinball hangout in south King County.