Featured Founding Member: Mike Rausch

How did you start playing pinball?

This all started when my father would drag me to a dive bar in Denver as a kid. He would throw quarters at me while he had a beer with friends and I would throw them into Paragon even faster. Ahh, The College Inn. I miss you. 

Why did you donate to the Northwest Pinball Collective?

Seattle has a wonderful pinball scene with tons of fun, wild, interesting, supportive, and smart people and places. Although I always have a great time going out to play the local spots, I supported this Collective with the hope it can become a central “hub” for all of us in this quirky hobby.

I hope to learn more about repair (my current skills run close to a drunk, blind monkey with a hammer) and dream of eventually having more frequent larger tournaments. Let’s play pinball!

Thank you to our Founding Members

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Chris Force

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Michael “Mike” Rausch

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Adam Calabrese

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